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#NoFilter Show Portland -The Highlights

You know that quirky mannerism, or particular smile, or honest laugh, that someone you really care about can give you, that just makes you feel? Like they’ve taken every single reason you love them and wrapped them all up with a single look, or you feel it in one small moment? These photos capture some of that for me. The friendship, talent, and laughter shared between these three women makes me feel good. It reminds me not to take things too seriously, at least not all the time. It gives me something to share with other people, which is why I’m sharing these with all of you.

Below are the links to the other photos from the #NoFilter Show in Portland on Dec. 22nd, 2013. Please, please, please if you like any of these photos and want to use them, do it! I have zero talent and you all make such lovely things so edit, collage, re-post separately, whatever. If you could just give me a little photo cred, or link to the original photo set, that would be wonderful.

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And my favorie shot, here.

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